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Take control of your computer and files!

Weezo has a silly name but is a powerful program that allows you to control and access the files from your home computer from any other computer with an Internet connection.

Weezo can help make your life easier and increase your productivity. This program has an insane amount of features, some of which you may never use but it's nice knowing that they're there.

Security is taken very seriously with Weezo, so SSL is used to secure connections to your PC and random passwords are automatically generated for its different services. You can set up and allow multiple users to access your files, while pop ups alert you to who is accessing your files and services.

If you have a website or blog, Weezo offers an easy way to quickly upload and serve video, music, and photos. This is great for power users who want to serve their own content from their own machines. That said, most users will still want to upload to services like YouTube and Vimeo.

Some other features included with Weezo include a collaborative RSS reader, bookmark sync, chat program, and streaming TV from around the world. There are other tools out there that perform these functions (and are arguably better) but they store information in the cloud. Weezo is great if you want to have absolute control over your own data. You can even stream your entire music collection, as it also has iTunes and Winamp integration.

Weezo also has many collaboration features built in. You can easily share files by dragging and dropping them into the program. It will automatically zip your file(s) or generate a BitTorrent file for easy sharing. For local files you want others to access, you can designate a folder to dump files into which are viewable and downloadable via the Weezo web interface.

Speaking of interfaces, our only gripe about Weezo is that its interface leaves a lot to be desired. It is functional, but looks childish, with a mishmash of colors and glossy icons. There's a lot of unused space on some of the pages, which makes it sloppy. While not pretty, it functions just fine.

If we had to sum up Weezo in one word, it would be "ambitious." Weezo aims to help you control all of your files and media and it succeeds on the whole. We just hope Weezo's developers work on polishing its interface.


  • Bunches of features
  • Good security
  • Great collaboration features
  • Offers powerful control of your media and files


  • Interface needs work


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Weezo 4.3.0 for PC


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